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Per Scientiam Ad Astra - Through Knowledge to the Stars

Welcome to the 52 City of Calgary Royal Canadian Air Cadet Website.We are based out of Southwood Community Centre and Harold Panabaker Jr High School11 Sackville Drive SW, Calgary, Alberta.Squadron Phone Number - 403-255-5922


Ikea Christmas Tree Lot


Here is the invite to the Tree Lot sign up. If you click on the link below it will bring you to the full schedule including detailed info on the Tree Lot.


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Interested in Joining? - Click here for Recruiting Information - Next Intake date is 16 January, 2018

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Regular Parade Night Schedule

1815 - 1830 Arrival

1830 - 1855 Flight Fall-in, Roll Call and Inspection

1900 - 1930 1st Class

1935 - 2005 2nd Class

2005 - 2025 Break

2025 - 2055 3rd Period

2100 - 2115 Closing Parade

2115 - 2130 Meetings & Duty Taskings

On Monthly CO Parades (1st Tuesday of each month), the formal parade will begin at 2025hrs.

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